Circuit Bending

Boss DR-110

The Boss DR-110 Dr Rhythm drum machine could perhaps be described as a cheap Roland TR-606, as it sounds very similar, maybe even better, and sometimes is available second-hand for about 50 Euros.

This little drum machine's sound is unbelievably phat and analog, just like a Roland TR-606/808, and has one of the probably best analog handclaps of all times (sadly missing on the TR-606!). On top, its graphic display allows neat programming and rapid variations of patterns.

Technically seen, these analog drum circuits are state-of-the-art and probably haven't been built better since, as digital drum machines were gaining ground at the time. The sturdy analog technology allows very interesting modifications, so I granted mine a second casing, holding all functions I need. The result is absolutely astounding and using it is nice and handy, too. I added the following functions:

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